Statement on SB 1062

interim podcast logo copyPHOENIX, ARIZONA (22 February 2014) — The Downtown Phoenix Podcast released this statement on SB1062:

“The Downtown Phoenix Podcast is opposed to SB1062, legislation that we feel discriminates against our friends, colleagues, and neighbors in the LGBTQ community. We have conveyed to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer our opposition to this legislation and our hopes that she will veto it.

As we see it, cities are at their best when the laws overseeing that city promote equality for all instead of discriminate against some.

Last year, the City of Phoenix passed an LGBTQ non-discrimination ordinance at what we felt was an unnecessarily contentious meeting of the Phoenix City Council. The ill effects that were promised by the opponents of non-discrimination? They didn’t happen; instead, Phoenix was celebrated by many groups for its efforts to promote equality.

We call upon our Mayor and Council — and the Mayors and members of City Councils of all of Arizona’s cities — to urge the Governor and State Legislature to stop this bad legislation from advancing any further.”

First up on the Podcast…

Our first episode nears and we’re very excited to begin production of the inaugural series of The Downtown Phoenix Podcast! Our first episode will go live on March 3 and we’ll be in conversation with David Krietor of Downtown Phoenix, Inc., to learn about his group and how it will help advance the downtown Phoenix narrative.

Once we have our next guests finalized, we’ll certainly be sure to share the programming of our next episodes with you. We’re excited and we certainly hope you are!

Welcome to The Downtown Phoenix Podcast!

podcast logoWe will have the press release to go soon but we thought we should welcome you to the website for The Downtown Phoenix Podcast!

What are we, you ask? We’re a 30-minute (give or take a few) weekly podcast that is about community and neighborhood engagement as much as it is about news and events.  Our host is Edward Jensen, hailed as one of downtown’s leading thinkers and doers and a member of many downtown community boards. He hosted four live one-on-one conversations with the then-City Council candidates in October 2013 and he thought that this is a good continuation of that.

Production of new episodes begins next week and our first episode will be online on March 3 in the morning. We’re working to line up some awesome guests and some compelling programming for you. Our initial run will be eight episodes (weekly on Mondays until April 21). After then, we’ll be thinking how we can re-tool the program to make it even better.

We encourage you to check out our list of our Ten Editorial Principles. We think that we’re one of a few podcast series to have such a set of principles. And check out the other pages as well. We’ll be tweaking this website this week so if something’s not fully right, wait an hour until we’re back online.

Welcome! And please give us a listen beginning March 3. We think you’ll be pleased.