Our Series 1 sign-off

[Ed. note: We’ve been asked to share the sign-off from this week’s episode of the Podcast, which was our Series 1 finale episode. This also outlines some of where we’ll be going next with the Podcast.]

ep8r_coverWEBAs we come to the end of this inaugural series of The Downtown Phoenix Podcast, we have been doing a lot of thinking about what will come next. But before I get to that, it has been no small task to produce these weekly episodes and a lot of thank-yous are in order:

Thanks to R.J. Price and Anna Consie at Downtown Phoenix, Inc., whose partnership with The Downtown Phoenix Podcast and whose hospitality made this initial series possible. Thanks, also, to T.W. Lawrence. Great thanks go to my guests who have spent some time out of their day to join me: David Krietor, G.G. George, Ann Wheat, Kris Floor, Phil Weddle, Lillian Habeich, Jon Talton, Paul Loomans, Mark Melnychenko, Feliciano Vera, Jennifer Longdon, Judy Butzine, and Malissa Geer. Their conversations inspired us, called us to action, and reminded us of the power of this community and this place that we call home.

And thank you, our listeners, for making the Podcast a part of your weekly routine and your toolkit for community advocacy.

So what’s next for this project? We are going to take some time off to rethink what we will do here in future series. We are planning to take a deeper dive into the processes and goings-on in urban Phoenix and learn how those all work. We’ll look into civics, civil conversation, a community public square, and an assessment of what makes good urban policy. We’ll also start to look at having our first community conversation event, which will be in late August or early September. We are definitely not going away!

With that, we will wrap up this episode and this inaugural series of The Downtown Phoenix Podcast. Please stay subscribed to the Podcast’s feed in iTunes or in your podcast receiving app because we’ll update it with miniature features as we get closer to our Series 2 launch. We’ll be back in June for Series 2…thank you for being a part of this journey.

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