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Friday Housekeeping, March 28 edition

dtphxpodcast_1400pxSome Friday housekeeping for The Downtown Phoenix Podcast for March 28…

Episodes 5 and 6 will look at the City of Phoenix budget. Episode 5 will objectively look at what’s in the City’s budget and how it might impact issues of importance to urban communities. In Episode 6, we’ll talk to individuals and groups that have successfully spoke in favor of their projects and initiatives, even in economically lean times. (Episode 5 will be released Monday March 31 and Episode 6 will be released Monday April 7.)

Episode 7, to be released Monday April 14, will look at transportation issues in downtown. We’ll also look at issues of accessibility for our downtown neighbors and colleagues that have mobility issues. How can we go beyond what ADA requires to be inclusive of all?

Finally, Episode 8, our inaugural series finale (Monday April 21), we’ll talk about the under-represented communities and constituencies that aren’t always included in the downtown conversation.

What will happen after Episode 8? Stay tuned…