podcast thank youThis certainly is not a fun news item to share.

After careful consideration, we have decided to stop production of new episodes of The Downtown Phoenix Podcast. Our final episode will be released on Wednesday July 23 and will feature excerpts of Edward Jensen’s conversation with Jon Talton from March.

When we set out to do the Podcast, we had one objective: to create a grand space for dialogue and action on issues vital to the urban resurgence in Phoenix. Our conversation set out to be in very high quality and something that made accessible the issues facing our community. After an eight-episode initial run, it became evident that while the Podcast is a great project and whose reception surpassed our wildest expectations, there are different and more creative ways to advance our mission of making Phoenix “the serious city.”

To that end, our presenting firm (Edward Jensen urban productions) is working with community leaders and members of the urban academy on a new initiative. While we can’t share too many details of that project at this moment, the work of the Podcast will certainly inform our work both here in Phoenix and wherever this new experiment goes. Rest assured that THE URBAN BOOK CLUB is still happening and we will share some news both on our website and on our Facebook page (facebook.com/downtownphoenixpodcast) when we have a venue and specific meeting dates.

We will keep our current set of episodes online at least through the end of 2014 and probably longer. Our website will continue to be updated with news about this and kindred projects. Do stay subscribed to the Podcast‘s feed in iTunes or whatever podcast receiving app you use because we will be releasing small vignettes and announcements as required there. And, please check out our host’s website and blog at edwardjensen.net for the latest essays and commentary on urban issues.

Thank you for your support of the Podcast…and stay tuned for what’s to come. We am excited and we hope you will be, too.

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